There’s a difference
between IT that supports
business and IT that
takes businesses forward

IT used to mean emails and servers, but now it
holds the key to business productivity, helping you
to make life easier for your staff, serve more satisfied
customers, and achieve more in business.

That’s why we always have the needs of your
business in mind. We provide a range of IT solutions
that create more effective, reliable systems that
allow you to operate in the most efficient way.

IT support that means business

You won’t find any set-and-forget service here. As your
business needs change we make sure that your goals are
continually matched with the right recommendations to
help you harness IT’s true potential.

Managed IT Services

We know when it comes to your IT,
you want it to just work. With 24/7
helpdesk support, remote monitoring,
regular onsite visits, and emergency
callout services our proactive IT support
means no hassles for you, and no
performance issues for your team


There are almost no limits to
what can be placed in the
cloud. We can help you
choose the right solution to
maximise productivity while
balancing your security and
compliance needs.


Whether you’re connecting one
office or many locations, we can
help design a reliable business
phone or video solution with
all the bells and whistles, while
significantly lowering the cost
of communicating.


Before your customers can find
you, Google has to find you first.
We can make sure your online
presence has impact with
an attractive and well-designed
website hosted securely
by MaxIT.


The security landscape is changing rapidly,
more vulnerabilities and security risks are
uncovered daily. By implementing security
training, prevention and response plans,
you can reduce the likelihood of your
business being impacted.


We’re a curious bunch, and
love to keep up with technology.
We explore and test the options,
and source the best for you at
the best possible price through
our extensive network of
vendors and distributors.

Business continuity

With so much in your business
depending on staying
connected, we have a range of
backup and disaster recovery
solutions to make sure your
business and data is safe,
secure and backed up.

IT consulting

While keeping existing systems
working effectively today
matters, we help with the
equally important task of
understanding and preparing
for what your business will
require in the future.

No tech talk

While we keep you at the leading edge of innovation, we also make sure that when we
talk, we’re speaking the same language. And because our responsive in-house team
make regular site visits, our faces will be as familiar as our voices.


Who we help

Some of the industries we work with have specific
challenges relating to privacy, specialised software,
or a critical need for uptime. Others just need someone
who knows how things are done in their world.
No matter which we are primed and ready to help:


Medical &


Logistics &

The MaxIT difference

We’re more than just a managed IT services provider. We don’t just fix issues, we look
deeper to solve the underlying problem. We learn from your end users what’s
bothering them and solve it. And we’re constantly building our knowledge of your
business so that we can proactively identify where you can improve.


Our clients regularly say our key
point of difference is the fresh
ideas we bring. We’re proud of our
team’s dedication to finding new
and better ways to help you work.

Support that’s
always switched on

From always on remote
monitoring to liaising with
other vendors on your behalf,
we’re switched on so you don’t
have to be.

Systems that
work in sync

We look at your business
systems holistically, so
that everything is working in
perfect sync to maximise

Our partners

When you’re ready for more from your IT
than just stability, give us a call.