What is ITSupportPanel?
ITSupportPanel is an app on your desktop designed to make IT Support much easier. You can find our software by looking for the green ‘IT’ button in your task tray and on your desktop. ITSupportPanel will give you much easier access to log a support ticket, access other support systems, read news and access your Apps.

Why should you use ITSupportPanel?

Faster turn-around times

Submitting a ticket through the IT button on your device will provide us with additional background diagnostic information that we’d otherwise need to take control of your machine for. This extra information means less time is spent investigating and collecting information, for a faster resolution!

Easier to Use

We recommend using ITSupportPanel because it’s easy to use and find. Save time usually spent on the phone for non-urgent issues! ITSupportPanel is also a better alternative to email because your support ticket will be progressed faster in our backend systems!

Instant visibility to the status of your tickets

Our latest update to ITSupportPanel includes a new “My Tickets” button which with a single click will open up a list of all your open tickets. You can click into any of these to see the current status of the ticket, all correspondence and even update or close the ticket yourself!

Convenient apps launcher & live news feed

In addition to making support requests a far better experience, ITSupportPanel comes with a convenient apps launcher pre-loaded with apps tailored to your needs, as well as a live news feed that cycles through the latest important information published by our team.

How to Use ITSupportPanel | Quick Training

ITSupportPanel is very simple to use. Here are our quick instructions:

  1. Find the ‘green IT button’ on your desktop or task tray (near your clock).
  2. Double click the IT button.
  3. Click ‘Log Ticket’ button on ITSupportPanel.
  4. Fill in the quick easy form.
  5. Click the ‘orange’ Log Ticket button.

Support Options | How to contact MaxIT

To contact MaxIT we recommend you do the following:

  1. Urgent Request: Call 1300 557 127
  2. Non-Urgent Request: Use ITSupportPanel