Is your business data safe? Is your network secure?

The security landscape is changing rapidly, as more and more
devices connect to the internet, more vulnerabilities are
uncovered and security risks increase. By implementing security training, prevention and response plans, you can reduce the likelihood of your business being impacted.

The strength of your cyber security footprint is only as effective as your weakest link

Many hackers will focus their efforts on the SMB market as they believe their cyber defenses aren’t as sophisticated as those in large corporations. Establishing controls and taking appropriate measures is essential to prevent cyber crime.

We design a tailored plan with a fixed monthly fee to suit y our needs which may include:

Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Scan

Multi-Factor Authentication

Penetration Testing

Managed Firewall

Endpoint Security

IT Security Review

Cloud Security

The risk of a cyber attack is highly probably


Get in touch with us to discuss your current environment’s security footprint.
We’ll quickly be able to determine where some immediate improvements
can be implemented and then put together an ongoing security plan.

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