Whatever your business, good communications are absolutely critical. Modern phone system choices can be somewhat baffling, too. You may find yourself wading through vast amounts of sales pitches, simply trying to find the right phone systems for your business. 

The classic business phone system issues

The truth is that the right phone solution is all about your practical business needs. Never mind the hype. You need a phone system which will definitely deliver the functions and flexibility required for your daily business. 

Every business has a range of specific communications and operational requirements. An “off the shelf” solution will probably not be adequate because these systems aren’t configured for specific functions, just general phone communications. 

You can find yourself wasting a lot of time looking at a very mixed bag of phone system options. Some are at best mediocre in the modern business environment, and the big issues are all too real. 

If you’ve ever wondered why many businesses seem so frustrated with their phone systems and suppliers, these are just some of the most common problems:

  • Cloud hosting PBX services: The off the shelf systems may even lack Cloud capabilities.  Cloud hosting is the baseline modern standard for hosting business phone systems. Cloud hosting is far more efficient and very reliable for business operational needs.  
  • Proper integration with business systems: You’d think something so basic would be a no-brainer, but with some phone systems it’s a real issue. It’s also a potentially costly risk for businesses. Mismatched business systems and phone communications are dysfunctional by definition and can cause serious problems even in routine daily business. A phone system without SIP trunking, for example, may not even handle online calls. If you’re thinking that’s a major nuisance and liability, you’re quite right. 
  • Self-management portals: Even things as fundamental as self-management portals may be problems, and they really shouldn’t be. That omission can also be very expensive. Imagine having to get third party help every time you need to manage your own system and having to pay extra for it every time as well!  
  • Support and consultancy services: Some phone system suppliers also lack the technical capacity to provide the features you want. They literally just sell the phone systems, with or without any sort of meaningful consultancy. Everything else you need usually costs more. Your basic technical services and service options may incur extra costs for that reason alone, regardless of the quality of the service. 

The solutions – Custom phone systems designed for your business  

A custom phone system is all about delivering exactly what you want. It’s the exact opposite of an off the shelf system in many ways. These custom phone systems are tailored to your operational needs. 

Custom solutions, most importantly, are scalable. The service you need can be tailored to deliver excellent cost options which match your actual requirements. 

There are some excellent options available. For example, you can get custom phones solutions packages for your phone systems according to your business size, costs and growth target. Small business packages are easily upgradable and affordable, ready to grow with your business and manage your needs as required. 

Mid-range business packages, offer a good mix of practical designer services to match your needs and scale of operations. For upscale businesses, you can get bigger and specialist business packages. These packages are great when you need top quality Cloud services and highly responsive, resource-rich phone systems. 

Customisation will ensure that your system is perfectly configured to meet all your business requirements. The key to success with custom phone systems is that the business issues are all managed systematically:

  • Uptime and downtime: Uptime and downtime are obvious critical issues. Good custom phone system services will guarantee very high levels of uptime. 
  • Reporting systems: Call statistics are also key data. Your calls are a map of your business operations. Custom systems will deliver a reporting system so you can analyse your calls, providing you with a virtual real-time report whenever you want. 
  • Number porting: Bringing your own numbers is another basic need. Your clients need contact numbers, and a custom system will keep your contacts consistent. 
  • 1800 and 1300 numbers: 1800 numbers are accepted best practice for businesses. These free call numbers generate a lot of useful contacts and offer a useful service to your clients. 1300 numbers are dedicated key business contact numbers, used by businesses around the country. 
  • Call queue wallboards: Keeping track and efficient monitoring of call queues is another modern standard. Managing call queues is good customer service. 
  • Connectivity: Connectivity must be efficient. Custom systems are designed to deliver connectivity across the spectrum of business needs. No fuss, no incomprehensible technical issues, just plug in. 
  • Business phone contracts: Phone contracts have a bad reputation. They can be grim experiences for some businesses. If you’re trying to escape from a business phone contract, it can be expensive, as well as infuriating. Best practice for custom phone systems is no lock-in contacts. 
  • Hot desking: This relates to the very common practice of multiple users of workstations. Typically, the range of users may also include multiple operational needs. Custom services build in hot desking as required, to whatever specifications needed.  
  • Dependable support: Custom-designed phone systems have built-in support whenever and wherever you need it. This support is part of your phone system package, and it’s good to know you can get any level of support you need, ASAP. 

Trying to find the right phone system? 

Custom phone systems are considered the best communications options around the world. These are true “designer standard” phone systems, backed up by expertise and practical business solutions made for your needs. 

Real benefits include:

  • Dedicated systems specifically designed for your business goals
  • Expert help and support
  • Modern standards of service to meet current and future demands
  • A clearly defined cost base for any services you require
  • Help with system upgrades and new systems as needed
  • Up to date services to help you manage new generation systems and change

We hope you’ve found this article informative and useful for your business. If you’re looking for top quality custom phone services and solutions, we’re right here for Australian businesses when you need us. maxIT is here to help and provide all the services you need with in-depth consultancy services and a full spectrum of in-house services for all your needs. 

Our phone solutions are fully scalable, from startups trying hard to advanced businesses looking for the next level of development. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your business phone system needs.