Video conferencing is far more than a mere buzzword or fashion. It’s essential, cost-efficient and staggeringly useful in so many ways. This type of conferencing comes with a lot of very high grunt-power in terms of added capabilities and applications. It’s a very agile way to handle communications in business. 

Video conferencing can go anywhere, and be used with minimal fuss, both major positives in modern business. It’s used in many types of projects, and critically, exceptionally valuable in all types of collaboration. Collaboration, like a business, requires effective communication between parties. Communication levels are greatly strengthened, simply because the parties on a video conference can speak together naturally.  This approach also avoids the traditional business communication obstacles of ponderous terminology, overly-formal language, and establishes rapport. 

Current generation video conferencing 

A good example of new generation video conferencing is the Microsoft Teams & the Zoom suite of video conferencing options. You can see how far video conferencing has progressed in the last few years at a glance. The sudden huge popularity of Teams & Zoom is no coincidence. These applications are designed for projects, a collaboration between multiple parties, content management systems, and any number of other useful operational functions. 

This sort of package is where video conferencing goes beyond your. It’s as useful as Xero or MYOB, just with a different focus. You can effectively go to the office with a click anytime. You can track jobs, contact anyone, and keep things on track on a single screen.  

Video conference technologies – A surprising example

A good example of how modern video conferencing works is in IT, the most complex of environments. In the many practical and business labyrinths of IT video conferencing is one of the essential assets. This is particularly the case among high-end information technology professionals, who need fast, effective communications for all parts of their operations. 

  • They use video conferencing specifically because their work often involves direct contact with many people. The efficiencies include: 
  • Little or no “commuting” between jobs and people. That saves so much time and money, not to say travel fatigue, it’s valuable of itself. 
  • Instant visual communication to discuss complex technical issues without needing to be onsite. 
  • A lot of information in IT has to be backed up with documentation, reports, etc. Video conferencing packages allow this information to be provided in a single communications stream at both ends between parties. 
  • Problem solving is a lot easier when complex communications can be maintained quickly and easily. Whether it’s technical support or a full-scale development project, nothing gets in the way of communications. You can have a real discussion, in real time, with anyone. 
  • There are truly vast ranges and scopes of types of communications in IT on every level. So, a video conferencing package that also operates as a functional management tool across multiple bandwidths is a very handy thing to have.

Video conferencing security? Not a major issue. 

As with anything online, security is a natural consideration for video conferencing. It’s more than a bit of an urban myth that there are extra security risks with video conferencing. That’s simply not the case. 

No security expert would ever say that any type of online system is 100% safe from risk. That said – It takes a lot of effort and some very demanding penetration to get into any business system. 

We’re not talking about hacking a webcam here. We’re talking about breaking through a business security system to hack a specific application. That’s not easy. With modern security, even the basic off-the-rack type, it’s quite difficult. So, the security issues with video conferencing are nowhere near as threatening as urban mythology would have people believe.  

What type of video conferencing do you need? 

On the practical side, when you’re looking at video conferencing options, a few basic facts: 

  • Not all video conferencing packages are created equal. Some are designed to be high end, some aren’t. Great for big businesses, and absurd for smaller businesses, both in terms of price and functionality. 
  • Avoid the El Cheapo/ Ultra-Hyped type of package. Some of these things can sometimes be no more than a glorified version of Skype. Some are even obsolete, so be warned. 
  • Some video conferencing packages may or may not be appropriate for your business needs. You need something which will definitely cover specific daily needs. That means you’ll need to check it out in detail and see how it works. (This can be a lot of fun. You’ll be amazed at what this tech can do.) 
  • Business video conferencing packages are scalable. This is a big cost issue. You don’t need the same video conferencing system as NASA. You need the custom, tailor-made version of the current technologies and software. 

Now, some advice: 

Get expert support and proper guidance. Do this before making any kind of financial commitment to buying a video conferencing package. Business video conferencing is far too important to guess about what the right package might be. 

Be absolutely clear about what you need. Apart from the obvious need to pin down exactly what sort of conferencing package is required – This is about what you want, you’re buying it, so you call the shots. (Your friendly experts will back you up, and they’re hard to argue with technically and/or on a business basis.) 

Talk to the video conferencing experts

We hope you’ve found this information about new video conferencing options useful and informative. MaxIT are business systems specialists. We provide a lot of different types of services for our clients, from security to systems acquisition and much more. If you’re looking for a good video conferencing system, we’re right here to help. We can assist with customisation, system integration, and anything else you need for your business with a phone call. 

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